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-- Military Coins --
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B Company, 16th Signal Battalion
This is the first coin that I received.  Earned in 1993 by representing 16th Signal Battalion, taking 1st Place in both M16 & M60 disassembly/reassembly competitions, at a 3rd Signal Brigade Organization Day.

A Company, 4/58 Aviation Battalion
Received this coin in 1995 by placing first in a military vehicle maintenance competition.

A Company, 4/58 Aviation Battalion
This was awarded in February 1996 for my overall performance while assigned to this Korea-based unit.  Only 12 of these 100% silver coins were produced.  I was the 5th soldier to receive one.

CW4 Melvin
While assigned at Ft. Sill, OK, CW3 Melvin was promoted to CW4.  He promptly purchased some coins and presented them to people like me who he felt had contributed to his success while appointed as the 30th Field Artillery Regiment S-4 OIC.

International Student Division
The Chief of the ISD at Ft. Sill presented me with this coin in June 2001 for maintaining property, making purchases as required, and for doing a little bit extra here and there for the Allied students who attended the Field Artillery School.

HHB, 1-30th Field Artillery
Given to me in July 2001 for assisting the Battalion Commander with researching and validating the streamers required for the Battalion Colors prior to acquiring their replacements.

30th Field Artillery Regiment
My Battalion Commander presented this to me in August 2001 on behalf of the Regimental Commander for overall performance while assigned to the 30th FA.

Texas Christian University ROTC
Received in March 2002 for doing more than what was required to take care of the Cadre and Cadet Corps.

Bataan Memorial Death March
The only way to get one of these, was to participate in the April 2002 Bataan Memorial Death March.  26 grueling miles through the New Mexico desert at White Sands.  Enough said.

Texas Christian University - part duex
A new Colonel, a new coin.  I received this one in 2003 for my work on the TCU ROTC website.

Warrior Forge
Awarded to me in July 2003 for my hard work while temporarily assigned as a Regimental S-4 NCO at the annual summer cadet evaluation program, that year known as, "Warrior Forge".

2-6 Infantry
Presented by the Company Commander, on behalf of the Battalion Commander, just prior to deployment to Iraq in November 2005.  Qualification for this coin was anyone who the Company CO felt was doing an outstanding job.

2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division
Given to me in July 2006 by my new Company Commander after the previous one had been killed in action.  This coin was given to my CO by the 2BCT1AD Commander, but he wanted me to have it for maintaining property accountability, receiving new equipment fieldings, and keeping the company supplied during the difficult transition time following the previous commander's death.

C Company, 2-6 INF - Deployment
This coin was designed by SGT Hall and SGT Aulph specifically for soldiers who deployed with our unit for OIF 2005 - 2006.  A simple qualification, but one that holds deep meaning.

C Company, 2-6 INF
Received from the C 2-6 Commander in April 2007 for continuing to assist him with supply related issues even months after I moved to the 47th Forward Support Battalion.

Quartermaster ANCOC
I was presented this coin for performing in the top 10% of my class and making the Commandant's List in November 2007 while attending the Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer Course at the Quartermaster Non-Commissioned Officer Academy at Ft. Lee, VA.

47th Forward Support Battalion
The Battalion Commander presented this to me as I was boarding a bus in March 2008 as part of the "Torch Party" for the OIF 2008 - 2009 deployment.  We departed Baumholder, Germany bound for Kuwait to set up accounts, sign for vehicles, and prepare sleeping tents ten days prior to the rest of our battalion arriving.

47th FSB - Deployment
This coin was not awarded to me.  I purchased 10 of them after returning from our 14-month deployment in May 2009 for myself, my Soldiers, and some deserving Officers because the Battalion Commander & Command Sergeant Major were too cheap to pay for them out of their pockets.  They held me responsible for not acquiring enough coins for every Soldier, even though it's against regulations to purchase coins for every Soldier with government funds.  This isn't the only part of the story, however I don't have space to describe the horrors that went into the continued re-designs and delays by the Battalion Commander which were the stem of all of the discord surrounding this coin.  I do admit that the final product is pretty snazzy looking!

Fort Sill NCO Academy
The Commandant awarded this to me and my Soldiers in December 2009 after successfully passing a Command Supply Discipline Program CSDP) inspection.

Fort Sill NCO Academy
The FIRES Center of Excellence Command Sergeant Major presented this coin to me in December of 2010 for creating the best Hazardous Communication (HAZCOM) program on Fort Sill as noted during an annual Safety inspection.

Fort Sill NCO Academy
The Commandant awarded this poker chip to me in December 2011 for my success in CSDP and HAZCOM during the first annual Post Command Inspection Program.


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